What is the VHP?

Learn Halacha B’Iyun in a clear, guided, and structured way. Know the Halacha you learn.

The VHP is made up of many functions to take you through your weekly learning in the most comprehensive way possible, covering everything from the initial sugyot, chazara and tests.

How does it work?

We are starting with learning Hilchot Shabbat. Each Melacha is covered over a number of weeks, depending on its size.

Each week there are Marei Mekomot and a live shiur on the material.

Regular MM

At the beginning of the week the clearly structured, neatly laid out Marei Mekomot are uploaded to your dashboard, available to view or download.  Accompanying this is a guide for how they interweave to build the sugya, for those who wish for some extra guidance.

There are usually around 20-25 different Marei Mekomot, working from the Gemara, though Rishonim, until the Mishna Berura and later poskim. 

Extra MM

On Wednesday, an extra set of Marei Mekomot are released. While these are not essential to build the sugya, they are great for those with more time or who wish for a deeper insight into the Halalacha. Click here for an example.

Discussion group

During the course of the week, to keep the chabura learning the sugyot virtually interactive and involved, there is an open discussion on Whatsapp, here, a few times a week a ‘real life scenario’ is posted to encourage discussion, as well as providing a space for people to speak out things related to the sugya.

Available Shoel U’Meshiv

We are very fortunate to also have a full time dedicated and learned shoel u’meshiv, available for everyone to ask, discuss and learn with throughout the week

Live streamed Shiur

On Sunday at 9:30 EST the shiur is live-streamed from the dashboard. The shiur includes biographies and pictures to help clarify the sugyot and limmud. It is recorded and uploaded in both audio and video version for those who cannot make the live version.

Shiur Summary

A clear summary of the shiur is written up and posted on your dashboard after each shiur.

Chazara Qs

The shiur is also written up in Hebrew, presented in the form of questions, helping you to revise what was said.

Chazara Time

After each section of learning, a certain amount of time is allocated to go over the material, depending on its difficulty and quantity.

Tests at end of each sugya

After the chazara period, compulsory for those aiming to gain Semicha through the program, and option for anyone else, there is a test on the material learnt. It is marked out of 100 and attempts to cover Halacha lema’ase over the range of sugyot learnt.

Bekiyus Program

Alongside the iyun, again as a compulsory measure for those aiming to gain Semicha and option for anyone else, there is a daily 15 minute Mishna Berura bekiyut shiur. We cover about an amud a day and have weekly multiple choice tests, each 5 questions, helping to ensure the material is properly learnt.

For those joining during the mini coronavirus induced zman, this is will not be up and running.


The depth and breadth of Halacha learnt and covered through the program means that our participants can gain a reputable Semicha from R’ Zalaman Nechima Goldberg Shlit”a under the guidance, and possible signature also of R’ Avigdor Nevenzhal Shlit”a.

Request A MM

Make use of this feature to source any obscure MM or one you just want help in locating.

Technical support

Using the ‘Contact Us’ form in the menu bar, or the WhatsApp link at the bottom of the homepage, any technical support is readily available.