Welcome to the VHP

  • Learn Halocha B'Iyun

    Learn Halocha from the Gemara, all the way through to contemporary poskim, with clarity, allowing one to retain ones knowledge and get Sipuk

  • Live Shiurim

    The Shiurim are live-streamed once a week via video link and the recordings are available afterward

  • Shoel U'meishiv and Discussion Groups

    Have a question or an insight on the Sugya? Let us know. Join a lively discussion group and hear what the other Bnei Chabura have to say on the topic

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Testimonials from people who have learned with us

Tzvi Wohlgelernter

Rabbi of Hillel, Rutgers University

The Semicha program was both in depth learning as well as Halacha L'maaseh … [it] was taught with remarkable clarity and focus.

James Proops

NCSY Associate Rabbi, Young Israel of Century City

[Rav Ami’s] students not only [learn] to master the material, but to navigate the halachic process independently… [gaining] invaluable skills … [an] extensive knowledge base and the appreciation of Halacha

Nati Stern

NSCY, Kansas City Director

You learn Halachic concepts and open yourself up to think in Halachic terms… I was able to see how the most practical and relevant Hilchos Shabbos, Hilchos Moadim, and Hilchos Berachos questions can be traced back to the Gemara, Rishonim and Acharonim … I [now] have a much deeper understanding of the Halachah and a deeper appreciation for the Psak.