• What is the Virtual Halacha Program (VHP)?

    The VHP offers you a structured online learning platform that is focused on learning Halacha Be’Iyun.

  • How does it work?

    • Early in the week there are Marei Mekomos that are posted on the dashboard to guide your independent learning through the Sugya. • There is a live streamed shiur given each week covering the relevant Gemara, Rishonim and all the way through to the Halacha le’maseh. • There is a Shoel U’meishiv that can be contacted at any time to guide you in your learning and to help you with any questions you may have including technical help. • At the end of each section there will be time allocated for Chazara and tests.

  • What is the function of the Maarei Mekomos?

    • Early in the week the structured and clear Marei Mekomos are uploaded to your dashboard, available to view or download. • There are guidelines that shows how the sources interweave to build the Sugya. • There are usually around 20-25 different Marei Mekomos, working from the Gemara, though Rishonim, until the later Poskim.

  • Is there an option to learn the Sugya in greater depth?

    • On Wednesday an extra set of Marei Mekomos are released. While these are not essential to build the Sugya, they are great for those with more time or who wish for a deeper insight into the Halacha.

  • Is there interaction with other people on the program?

    • There is a WhatsApp group that helps to keep the learning interactive. It encourages discussion of key topics in the learning and it is a space for people to speak out ideas and questions related to the Sugya.

  • Is there someone to contact for questions or to clarify ideas?

    • There is a full time, learned Shoel U’meshiv that is available for everyone to ask, discuss and learn with during the week.

  • When does the weekly Shiur take place?

    • On Sunday at 9:30 EST the shiur is live streamed from the dashboard. • The shiur includes biographies and pictures to help clarify the Sugyas and Limmud. • It is recorded and uploaded in both audio and video for those who cannot make the live version. • A clear summary of the shiur is written up and posted on your dashboard.

  • Will there be an opportunity for Chazara?

    • After each section of learning, a certain amount of time is allocated to go over the material, depending on its difficulty and quantity.

  • How often is one tested?

    • After each section there will be a test on the material learnt. • These tests are compulsory for those aiming to gain Semicha through the program and recommended for others as a good way of reviewing the material to retain one’s knowledge.