• What is the Virtual Halacha Program (VHP)?

    The VHP offers you a structured online learning platform that is focused on learning Halacha Be’Iyun.

  • How does it work?

    • Early in the week there are Marei Mekomos that are posted on the dashboard to guide your independent learning through the Sugya. • There is a live streamed shiur given each week covering the relevant Gemara, Rishonim and all the way through to the Halacha le’maseh. • There is a Shoel U’meishiv that can be contacted at any time to guide you in your learning and to help you with any questions you may have including technical help. • At the end of each section there will be time allocated for Chazara and tests.

  • What is the function of the Maarei Mekomos?

    • Early in the week the structured and clear Marei Mekomos are uploaded to your dashboard, available to view or download. • There are guidelines that shows how the sources interweave to build the Sugya. • There are usually around 20-25 different Marei Mekomos, working from the Gemara, though Rishonim, until the later Poskim.

  • Is there an option to learn the Sugya in greater depth?

    • On Wednesday an extra set of Marei Mekomos are released. While these are not essential to build the Sugya, they are great for those with more time or who wish for a deeper insight into the Halacha.

  • Is there interaction with other people on the program?

    • There is a WhatsApp group that helps to keep the learning interactive. It encourages discussion of key topics in the learning and it is a space for people to speak out ideas and questions related to the Sugya.

  • Is there someone to contact for questions or to clarify ideas?

    • There is a full time, learned Shoel U’meshiv that is available for everyone to ask, discuss and learn with during the week.

  • When does the weekly Shiur take place?

    • On Sunday at 9:30 EST the shiur is live streamed from the dashboard. • The shiur includes biographies and pictures to help clarify the Sugyas and Limmud. • It is recorded and uploaded in both audio and video for those who cannot make the live version. • A clear summary of the shiur is written up and posted on your dashboard.

  • Will there be an opportunity for Chazara?

    • After each section of learning, a certain amount of time is allocated to go over the material, depending on its difficulty and quantity.

  • How often is one tested?

    • After each section there will be a test on the material learnt. • These tests are compulsory for those aiming to gain Semicha through the program and recommended for others as a good way of reviewing the material to retain one’s knowledge.

  • What is the cost of the program?

    We cover our costs by requiring a membership fee of $85/month or $850/year. This can be paid using major credit cards and all payments are processed securely.

  • How long is the program?

    The program runs on a 4-year cycle. On completion of the cycle, one will be eligible for Semicha.

  • Can I learn some of the past limmudim that you have covered?

    Yes one can. Each limmud that we have covered is available separately. For example, if one wanted to learn Hilchos Bishul on Shabbos or Hilchos Rosh Hashana, one can enroll for this set of Shiurim. Please contact us directly for more about this.