How the program Works

  • The course operates weekly. Each week, you'll receive two packets containing marei mekomos and Extra marei mekomos. By Sunday, the shiur (pre-recorded) will be uploaded to the dashboard in both video and audio formats, along with a summary sheet.

  • In addition to the iyun, there's a component focused on broader knowledge of hilchos Purim (bekius).This includes a daily shiur on the Shulchan Aruch and Mishna Berurah, covering one amud a day, with a short quiz at the end of the week.

  • All course materials will be accessible through your dashboard and the dedicated WhatsApp groups.

  • We maintain two WhatsApp groups: one for sharing marei mekomos and shiurim, and another for open discussions related to the learning. A Shoel Umeshiv is available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How the course works

    • Welcome to the Purim course!

    • Explanatory Video

    • Mishna Berura for Bekiut

  • 2

    Week #1 Hearing Kriyas Megila

    • Marei mekomos

    • Extra Marei mekomos

    • Shiur Audio

    • Shiur Video

    • Shuir Summary

    • Bekius Week #1

    • Purim #1 | מסימן תרפ"ה עד סימן תרפ"ח סעיף ה (Bekiut Test)

  • 3

    Week #2 Women and Kriyas Megila

    • Marei Mekomos

    • Extra Marei Mekomos

    • Bekius Week #2

    • Purim #2 | מסימן תרפ"ח סעיף ה' עד סימן תר"צ סעיף י

  • 4

    Week #3 Samuch V'Nireh

    • Marei mekomos

  • 5

    Week #4 Matanos Levyonim and Mishloach Manos

    • Marei mekomos

  • 6

    Week #5 Ad D'lo Yoda

    • Marei mekomos